It's about how you do, not what you do

Manual of Me helps you explore, uncover and communicate how you work best together.

It's the missing document in your career

The CV is not much more than a list of dates and places you've been - a Manual of Me goes much further, and explains how you work, not just what work you've done.

A simple but powerful document to communicate to others what you need to do your best work, what you bring a project, how you need support, and what needs to be true for you to thrive.

Provokes the questions, supports the answers

We've traced the idea of a 'personal user manual' back to the early 2000s in this article by Ben Dattner, and if you have a google, you'll find lots of examples of people who are creating their own - many referencing Cassie Robinson's blogpost from 2017.

Increasing numbers of businesses are using this technique, asking their people to complete a template when they join a team, or as part of teaming exercises.

But having an empty piece of paper can be daunting, and big statements like "What motivates you?" or "Where do you do your best work?" don't always have an easy to reach answer.

If you've been fortunate enough to have coaching, you might already have the answers - but most people have not. That's why we built Manual of Me - to both help you choose what you want to communicate, but also support you in finding the answers.

Manual of Me is both a tool to create, write and share your manual, but also includes exercises and activities to help you discover your answers - the really important part.

Designed for modern work

Our particular version of Manual of Me came out of working in an organisation where cross-functional teams where put together rapidly for short bursts of time - not unusual as businesses change how they work, use external contractors and freelancers, and more recently, adopt flexible, remote and diverse working patterns.

We wanted to find a way to help people start working together quickly - by getting to know the important things about each other quickly - communication preferences, work styles, times they'd be around or not around, passions outside of the office, and most importantly, how we could support them to work well.

Many of these things are hidden or unknown, until you come up against them. Manual of Me gives people an opportunity to share things they need to share, ask questions they want to know, and create more awareness and teams which inclusive by design, starting with communication.

An ever evolving tool.

This version of Manual of Me is now around four years old, and will continue to evolve as we understand how people are using it, what is effective and valuable, and as we discover new ways to help people uncover and communicate how they work well. You're part of this - tell us what works, what you need, and how we can make our platform as powerful for you as possible. We're a team of one, so not everything is immediately possible, but we'll do everything we can to make Manual of Me a powerful tool for you and your career.

Likewise, this is just the online version of the tool - and the most effective use is in the real world, with real people and real conversations - we've worked with countless individuals, organisations and teams to help them create manuals - so if the online platform isn't exactly right for you, let's chat and see how we can help you implement a Manual of Me for you.

Matthew Knight
May 2021
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