Hello I'm Matthew

I add value to teams by …

I am a strategic hacker, I love rapidly creating little things which prove or explore something, so where most strategists are the first 20% of a project, I'm the first 30%.

The brief I can work best from includes ...

An opportunity to explore something new, from a different perspective. Anything without a clear answer in mind already. A problem which really matters, and remit to do something about it!

You’ll convince me to get on board by …

Being clear about what you're expecting from me, work with me, not just tell me what to do - and be excited about the opportunity, not just farming it out to someone else.

The basics you should know about me are ...

I'm Matthew, not Matt.

I'm a single dad which means I have to work around school runs and parenting.

I struggle with depression and poor mental health, which can often manifest in low energy, so I work in bursts, and generally better in the mornings and evenings, rather than in the middle of the day.

The best way to give me feedback is …

Honest, candidly and written, please.

I need to hear where I could improve things as well as where I've done well.
I need to understand the areas which are good enough, so I don't over-engineer the answer, and regular check-ins with me are essential to make sure I'm not wandering off the path.

I don't accept compliments well, so try to and position them as a good outcome for the project, rather than my work being good.

Beyond work, I’m really passionate about ...

I'm a big coffee nerd (actually, I'm trained as a barista, but only for my own interest), I'm a mental health advocate and run a support community which takes up much of my time. I'm a parent, and love spending time playing and learning from my kids. I'm am AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO), and once built a replica of my office building. I also love travelling to the Nordics, particularly Stockholm, and expect I'll move there one day.

The environments in which I thrive have …

It really depends. I need to move around every couple of hours - I like quirky comfy spaces, as well as modern light open spaces. I like having some noise around me, but also like having my headphones on. I need to be able to move from space to space to suit the mood and task I have, rather than being tied to a particular place or routine.

My best working patterns look like ...

Mondays 8-1pm and 4-7pm
Tuesdays 8-2pm, but I try to keep Tuesday meeting free
Wednesdays 8-4pm
Thursday 9:30-3pm
Fridays are usually for side projects and non-commercial work.

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