Privacy and Data Policies

This policy was revised on May 25, 2021

We built this tool as a platform to help people, and we want to make every effort to ensuring that your data is protected, secure and not misused. To help the Manual of Me function properly - we store data, some of it can personally identify you, some is related to you but doesn't identify you. This policy document explains what data we store, where we store it, why and how we use it, and how long we'll keep it for - along with contact details should you ever want to ask us any questions.

What information is being collected?

Personally Identifiable Information.

When you create a Manual of Me - you will have entered your email address. This is so you can recall the manual at a later date, and so that we can email you regarding your Manual. You can also enter your name and employment type on the Edit Manual page. These is the only personally identifiable items of data we store on you.

Non Personally Identifiable Information.

We also, obviously, keep the content of your manual, along with things like when you last logged in, when you first created your manual, which teams you're a member of, etc.

How is it collected?

We collect the data from your entering of your details and completion of the manual.

Why is it being collected?

We store the data so you're able to create your own personalised manual, and recall it at a later date, and so we can send you transactional emails.

How will it be used?

Your data will be used to allow you to edit and share your own manual of me. We do not undertake any profiling or make any decisions based upon your personally identifiable information. We occasionally look at data in aggregate to understand how many people have created manuals, and email members with useful information or account updates. You may have also opted into newsletters or marketing communications.

How long will be stored for?

We will store the manual for as long as you would like us to store it - or until the site is taken offline, at which point all of the data will be deleted. You will have the chance to download a copy of your data before this happens. You are also able to request that all of your personal data is erased by contacting us at

Who will it be shared with?

Your personally identifiable information is stored on the following systems:
Our EU based databases - to which no-one has access but us
A backup of our databases - stored on Dropbox, within an encrypted archive.

Additionally - we use a third-party system to send you service emails, such as the magic link, called Mailgun, who do have access to your email address in order to send our emails, but for no other reason.

Non personally identifiable information is shared with third-parties, in particular Google Analytics, in order to help us understand how the site is being used.

You can choose to opt-out of this policy at any time by requesting that your data be removed, and no longer using the service.

Teams and Sharing ##

If you have accepted an invite to a "team", the content of your Manual may be shared with others in that team and organisation. When you accept an invite, you are choosing to accept these terms and to share your content with that group of people. You have control over which entries in your manual are private, and which are shared with your team. You can leave a team at any time, and they will no longer be able to access your Manual. The team leader is able to see your name, your email address and the content of your manual. Your team mates are not able to see your email address.

If you choose to turn on public sharing of your Manual, anyone you provide the public URL of your Manual will be able to see your content. They are not able to see your email address, but can see your name and Manual contents.

Cookie Policy

In addition to storing your data in our databases, we also use cookies to store session information - this basically means you don't have to log-in for every page, but it remembers who you are.

These cookies last only for the duration of your session, and a maximum of 1 months after you've stopped using the site so you're able to return without needing to login again.

Cookies are additionally used by Google Analytics to help track your activity on the site, so we're able to see how people are using the Manual of Me, but there is no personally identifiable information in any of our cookies.

You can opt-out of cookies by disabling them in your browser, but it is likely that the site will not work.

Who is storing your data?

The Manual of Me is owned and managed by Foxlark Strategy Limited, a company registered in England and Wales. We are registered with the ICO (ZA921693). Please contact if you have any questions about your data or this policy.

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