Hello, I'm
Leanna Lee
The basics you should know about me are ...

Cheers! I'm Leanna, an American-British content writer and journalist. I work with tech and software (SaaS) brands to deliver global ideas on the future of work and wellbeing.

I've helped companies like Patreon, MetLife, SafetyWing, Zapier, GoHealth, Progress, and Aspiration, as well as many smaller businesses and content agencies. My work and personal story have also appeared on HuffPost, BBC Disability, The Next Web, BuiltIn, Overture Global, Secure Futures, and ClearVoice.

I combine subject matter expertise, thought leadership instincts, and a strategic marketing approach - and love creating editorial content that builds brand authenticity.

I'm also a mental health advocate, speaker, and co-host of Bettermental, a wellness and growth podcast for business owners. As a business owner with chronic mental health issues, I enjoy sharing my thoughts and challenges with audiences and in my work.

What else should you know? I'm a digital nomad, love my alone time, tea, and period mysteries, hate working in the afternoons, and am currently developing a (bad) Scottish accent.


I've lived with a combination of PTSD for 10+ years now and general anxiety and situational depression for 15-20 years. Running my own business comes with its own mental health challenges, but it gives me the freedom to prioritize my health and determine my schedule.

My mental health does affect how and when I work, and I'm happy to discuss that if we ever collaborate!

I work brilliantly together with …

I work best with software (SaaS), financial/FinTech, and health and mental health tech companies, benefits platforms, and platforms that support the creator economy. I'm especially excited by remote-first companies that support small businesses, invest in workers, prioritize personal freedoms and mental health in the workplace, and create humanitarian tech with worldwide impact.

As for the people, specifically, I love working with editors, executives, content managers, and marketing professionals who share my values, which include Independence, Integrity, Imagination, and Balance.

What does Independence mean to me?
Being a free-thinking leader in the industry outside of company work. Refusing to compromise when it comes to personal freedoms and protecting the rights and needs of your team, staff and independent contractors alike.

What does Integrity mean to me?
High project standards and the willingness to build healthy working relationships with honest and open communication, dedicated commitment, and constant improvement.

What does Imagination mean to me?
Thinking big, beyond the immediate mental scope of the project to its implications, weight, and impact. Also, learning more together and having fun with it!

What does Balance mean to me?
Respecting multiple perspectives and taking them on board. Striving to prioritize mental health in and outside of work and honor others’ time and boundaries while upholding your own.

My absolute requirements to do great work are ...

- A full brief, with scope, guidelines, and all materials needed shared ahead of time

- An understanding of where each project fits into your overall marketing and business goals, so I can keep them in mind while I work

- A timeline that works for both of us

- Limited scheduled calls with clear expectations and agreed-upon communication channels for questions/comments throughout the project

- Minimal supervision and full freedom to complete my work how/when works best for me in the time we've set

I thrive most in work environments where I have a quiet, cozy space to set up my laptop, planner, notebook, pens, and drinks. I love views, so my favourite spaces are corners and by windows, so I can rest my eyes for a minute and take interest in the outer world.

My working hours are ...

As a digital nomad, my work hours will vary depending on where in the world I am. I typically work Mon-Sat and am usually out of the office between 10am and 4pm my time.

Currently, I operate between US Central Time (UTC-6) and UK Time (UTC-0).

My end of day and end of week aren't the same as those with a typical workday/week, so my baseline for EOD and EOW deadlines may be different from yours. I always try to establish best working and timing practices before we start a project, but feel free to ask any questions you may have!

The best way to give me feedback is …

Honestly and with the intent to improve the quality of the project. I greatly respect and admire intelligent feedback from my editors and prefer it in written form, so I can digest it in my own time as I work.

As an independent business owner, I happily accept feedback on projects and my approach as we work together. If something isn't working, our work styles are too different, or you have different expectations and needs, please let me know as soon as possible so we can discuss and reassess our relationship.

Testimonials are also very welcome and I love to add new client quotes to my website!

The channels I prefer to communicate via are ...

I find email to be the best channel for ongoing conversations, and check my a few times a day (usually morning and evening, depending on which timezone I'm in).

If I'm working on an independent or one-off project for you, I prefer to stick to email and Google Drive. If we have an ongoing relationship, I'm happy to hop on onboard the best communication or project management tool that works for you.

Platforms I'm familiar with include Asana, Slack, Discord, Notion, and ClickUp.

Email will always be the best way to get in touch with me, but if you give me enough notice, I'm happy to set up a video call if we need to touch base (I usually book up a week in advance).

Have my number? Please don't call without a calendar invite. Texts should be used only in an emergency.

Beyond work, I’m really passionate about ...

Honestly, I'm really privileged to write and speak about a lot of the things I'm passionate about right now! Mental health. Humanitarian tech. Remote work. Digital nations.

I'm also a bit of a business nerd and I love nothing more than spending my day coming up with new strategies and tinkering with new ideas and tools for my business.

But ASIDE from mental health and business stuff, I think what excites me most is being a digital nomad, planning travel, immersing myself in different cultures and learning to live alongside them.

Then of course, there are my more introverted loves. Tea. A good dram of (West Coast) whisky. Food of all descriptions. Solo adventures and long hikes. Oh, and cozy mysteries. I can talk for hours about

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