Hello, I'm
Jan Van Der burgt
The basics you should know about me are ...

I am passionate about product strategy and product management.
I am full of energy when I get to organize engaging sessions to come up with ideas, roadmaps, solutions for improving the "as-is" situation.

I am teaching two courses (Start-up Strategy and Design Thinking) at Karel de Grote university college in Antwerp.

Because of my experience as a teacher I have a tendency to teach the people I work with everything I know, instead of quickly doing it for them.

This is reflected in my personal ‘Start with Why’ statement:

I believe we can change the way people see the world.

By helping them develop self-steering capabilities to become masters of their own learning journey.

I do this by providing dynamic, engaging sessions and by continuously sharing all that I know.

My best working patterns look like ...

I am an Early Bird.

05.00-07.00: I Love doing some focus work in the early hours
07.00-09.00: Getting our kids ready for school
09.00-17.00: General working day
17.00-19.00: Entertain and feed our kids

General working day hours may differ from day to day
however I try to optimize my working hours in such a way I can be present as a Dad as much as I can and still get as much work done as needed.

On Sunday morning I often put in some hours preparing my lessons for the upcoming week. (not proud on this effort)

The best way to give me feedback is …

Just Tell me!
I am continuesly looking how to up my game.
And more than often I will be asking for feedback myself.
If if forget please point me in the right direction.

I am found of the 'Grow and Glow' way of formulating feedback. Specific and to the point.
To me feedback is info that should help you (back) on the right track otherwise it are just comments.

My absolute requirements to do great work are ...


Espresso or Cappuccino depending on the time of the day.

Besides that I need to Get a thorough understanding of the needs of the project I am working on and a clear overview of the results of our work.
Don't worry if I ask a lot of questions. It is essential for me to know and to check if the assumptions I am making are valid.

Why are we doing this?
How would succes look like? (if we take away the constraints)
How would we measure succes?
What is the objective? What's the outcome?
What is the simplest, fastest and way to reach that goal?

The stages of a project I work best at include …

I like initiating projects.
Brainstorming on problem definitions and possible ways to overcome these.
Getting together to come up with ideas on how to tackle challenges
Turning those ideas into a strategy

Beyond work, I’m really passionate about ...

I am a huge outdoor enthousiast. I like riding my All-Terrain Bike and doing hikes.

Since my teenage years I have been a music addict.
I never really left the punkrock phase so I am still exploring the edgy musice styles.
Over the years my music taste broadened however It still concides somewhere between The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Kvelertak.

*to be honest last year I did this on fewer occasions than I'dd like to admit,
It's not always easy to leave the house for 4-8 hours having two small kids at home.

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