Hello, I'm
Nathy Ravez
The basics you should know about me are ...

I am a workshop designer and facilitator, as well as a trainer who truly believes in the power of facilitation.

I am truly passionate about that topic 🎉✨

I mean this can change the world 🌍 (ok!ok!I am really passionate but it really can✨)

The stages of a project I work best at include …

👀 Purpose Finding: to identify the challenges and defining priorities,

💡 Ideation Jamming session: to help you find solutions to the defined challenge

🫵🏻 Start Now: to agree on tangible actions to be implemented by you or your teams

The brief I can work best from includes ...

🤝 How to foster team-collaboration and improve the performance 🚀

🔑 How to leverage your facilitation skill to better lead a group of people

💥 How to design workshops that get noticed How to foster innovation with Design Thinking Mindset & tools

My absolute requirements to do great work are ...

🎯Get a thorough understanding of the needs of the project I am working on and a clear overview of the results of our work. ❓So please don't worry if I ask question after question. It is essential for me to know

  • what your objective is and what's the outcome you wish
  • what is the simplest, fastest and smartest best way to reach that goal
  • How can we make this common experience a real benefit for you or your team
The sorts of outputs and outcomes I create include …

🏳️ Safe spaces for individuals and teams to unlock their superpowers, and of course joy, fun and creativity are essential. (Otherwise it would be boring, wouldn't it 🤣).

👏 Participative and engaging sessions, whether it's about solving a problem, making a decision, aligning your teams or working on your business strategy.

I provide a guidance to unleash YOUR expertise and creativity.

The best way to give me feedback is …

Simply to give me feedback 🤣

Whether it is good or bad, I listen to you and I hear you.

🙏🏻 Please do not hesitate to share with me any information that may help me to improve my work and the quality of our collaboration🤝.

I add value to teams by …

By guiding them through a process➡️ that allows them to unleash creativity💡 and expertise 🎓 in finding appropriate and sustainable solutions.

😏 They know best what is best for them

People often say I’m brilliant at …
  • understanding the underlying challenges very fast
  • giving clear instructions
  • dealing with all kinds of personalities
  • spreading good energy and motivating others
Beyond work, I’m really passionate about ...

👥 learning new people,🌈 new culture,🥗 new taste, this is why I decided to work remotely and travel the world🌍.

🎶 Music has also a huge part in my life, I produce electro-pop songs and have been on several stages in France and Germany. 🎤

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