Hello, I'm
Dave Sobel
The basics you should know about me are ...

I'm Dave, Host of the Business of Tech Podcast. I focus on creating news, analysis, and educational content for those delivering IT services, particularly to the SMB. I'm based just outside of Washington DC, and work from my home office/studio. My goal is to deliver valuable insights to those providers when they want it on the platforms they consume it on.

I'm very "non interrupt" driven -- I prefer things to be scheduled and orderly. I work daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. I'm Eastern time, and post my availability on calendly as calendly.com/dave-sobel/

My working hours are ...

Available on calendly -- https://calendly.com/dave-sobel/

I work on other things on my own schedules. I don't take meetings on Fridays.

My best working patterns look like ...

I'm very task oriented, and work heavily off a recurring set of tasks, my calendar, and my email. Mornings are for big thinking, and afternoons for tactical execution. I don't do interruptions well -- calling and interrupting is never a good idea, as rarely is there ever a real crisis.

I prefer video calls to audio calls, I prefer scheduled 1:1s to interactions, I loathe pointless agendaless meetings, and I prefer email as a communications method. I'm very inbox-zero, so will move to respond within a timely manner, but email is not chat, so it's rarely instant.

My absolute requirements to do great work are ...

A clear understanding of how we measure success. When I know what I'm being measured against, I can execute, and usually come up with creative or interesting ways to get there. When the end state is less clear of what you're measuring success by, it gets much harder for me to get there.

I need freedom to select my own tools and process (as much as possible).

The best way to give me feedback is …

Honestly, with specific areas you want me to work on. I'm pretty confident, and am pretty aware of my own foibles, and prefer to just hear it laid out for me with specific things I can do to address the concern.

When I'm dealing with stress, I ...

Plan. I'm really good when I'm working a plan, and have broken down the problem into things I can handle.

If a plan isn't apparent, I'll need time to process the issue and understand it. Measure twice, cut once is something I think about a lot.

I can also be a bit shorter or more abrupt when I'm under stress. It's not personal, its simply me trying to address the conditions in a deliberate way. That can come off as cold or angry, and I don't mean it that way.

Beyond work, I’m really passionate about ...

I'm a news geek, and consume a lot of it. I love to travel, exploring new places (particularly cities), and I'm a food, wine and beer lover. I'm a gamer, although never as much as I would like, and love my Washington Nationals and Capitals, flipping between sports for the season -- although that is generally in person, as I love to go to games. I'm a gadget guy, constantly trying out new toys, and spend a bit too much time on home automation projections.

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