Hello, I'm
Robin Weber
What motivates me to come into work each day is …

To offer security to the people I love.
To upgrade my skills.

Gaining experience and keeping the best of it - so that one day I can fly like Iron Man.

I’ve discovered that I best like working in the following ways …

Written communication, because it is more precise.

Organizing my own working hours, because it gives me a sense of freedom and order. This allows me to concentrate on the important steps towards the result.

Before I start work, I gather all the requirements and then decide what the best way is.

I’m really looking for …

I find huge gratification in projects.
Planning them, growing them, perfecting them and admiring them, once they're done.
It gives me a sense of purpose and power, that i'll use to build more great things.

I add value to teams by …

Active listening and notetaking.
Planning ahead and giving valuable Input.
Fully overtaking assignable roles.
Giving emotional and technical support.

Beyond work, I’m really passionate about ...

Iron Man - Ever since I first saw the movie in 2008, I've sympathized with the idea, and the fact that a technological engineering marvel like the Iron Man suit is theoretically possible has always inspired me.

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